7th Birthday

Today is normally a hard day for me.

My sweet Jessa came into this world at 7:56 AM bright eyed and bushy tailed!! From the moment she was born I knew she would be my Princess.

She would start ballet as soon as she walked.

She would love mani and pedi Saturday’s with Mommy & Sissy.

She would start talking about her Birthday a month in advance (because birthday months exist in our house).

She’d smile and be full of love while we sang her Happy Birthday.

Over the years none of these dreams became a reality, it was hard to accept but I’ve learned-to be Grateful for what I do have!!

I know one day she will LOVE all these things but just on JESSA’S time and I’ll cry even HARDER than I would’ve of “normally.”

Today I celebrate Jessa’s Life, she’s taught me so much that I didn’t know existed and I’m so Blessed that I get to be her Mom.

She’s come such a long way on her journey!!

This is the first year:

1. She’s picked a theme by her pointing to a picture while I gave her options .

2. She’s been excited about her gifts and cards she’s received.

3. She’s asked for a BIRTHDAY PARTY all week!!

4. She’s asked that she wants Friends to come.

5. She “walked” next to me while we got party supplies from Party City.

6. She wants to put on her Poppy Costume I bought her for her party.

7. She said Thank You and gave me a HUGE HUG this morning when I wished her a Happy Birthday!!

So I say this 7th Birthday is by far the best!! Let’s just hope the rest of the weekend goes this smooth.

** As soon as I finished writing this here BCBA sent me these pictures and video **


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