Picnic at the Park

Fun Picnic at the Park with our Best Friends.

I’ve always wanted to do this with Jessa since she was a toddler but unfortunately, until recently, Autism prevented that. 

Since Jessa also has a Sensory Processing Disorder the Joy of being able to go to the Park can be very overwhelming for her. 

The loud noises of first responder sirens, people’s music, infants crying, a dog barking, the laughter you name it Jessa was affected by it. 

I’m slowly learning how to help her overcome this anxiety and fear that comes with Autism.

I started hinting at the idea yesterday to see what her response would be. She instantly said “yes please” and giggled with JOY. 

This morning I checked the weather with excitement and made sure to pack some yummy snacks, a blanket, and of course the hand sanitizer. 

While getting dressed she could hardly keep still because she was excited about her picnic with friends. 

She even asked to take her favorite activity. Which is a water painting doodle mat that she received for her birthday. That was back in October, and she’s still enjoying it.

We picked our spot on the grass and enJOYed the beautiful, sunny 60-degree weather and company of our Friends. 

After eating our snacks, playing, and running in circles Jessa requested to go on a walk. 

So Jessa, her BFF, and I took a little stroll and we soaked it all in. 

The dogs, ducks, bicycles, leaves, rocks and even some Horses!! 

Remember we’re from Texas they can pop up at any time. 

Oh and I can’t forget about the lesson on Stevie Ray Vaughn, we stopped and got some advice from the Guitar Guru. 

I take for granted that we live in a suburb of such a Beautiful City, I’m going to make more of an effort to enJOY Austin. 

Today was a day that I didn’t think Jessa would ever ask for. 

Don’t give up on your children, they’ll come around on their own time.

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