Fashionista Friyay


Today was Day 21 of being in Quarantine, we are counting our Blessings and are happy to say it’s OVER!!  

Jessa and I NEEDED to get out and when I asked her where she would like to go she squealed “Popcorn Store” aka Target. 

I didn’t even think twice, who doesn’t love Target. 

I picked out the jeans and shirt but I guess it wasn’t good enough for my little lady. 

While I got dressed, Jessa took it upon herself to accessorize. 

Of course with all my stuff because what little girl doesn’t want to play with their Mom’s stuff. 

She is Rockin’ my favorite pink baseball hat. 

She’s wearing the belt from my robe to use as a scarf.

One of my black snow gloves, in case it snows again. Which it won’t, we live in TX. 

She finished the look with my pink wrist wrap as a bangle bracelet. 

Oh and she can’t forget the Crocs, the girl lives in them!! Every color and style. 

This brings so much JOY to my heart. 

Even though it may look silly to others, Jessa put this together all on her own, and to me it’s the BEST OOTD (Outfit of the Day).

A year ago Jessa didn’t have any desire or cared how we dressed her. 

So to see her personality and character Shine today just brought me tears of JOY and Happiness. 

So off we went to the Popcorn Store dressed to impress! 

I think Jessa got overwhelmed with excitement because we live 7 minutes away from Target and she didn’t make it. 

I didn’t have the heart to not take her so I let her nap in the car while I clipped my coupons.

Unfortunately, Popcorn isn’t being sold right now because our county is still at stage 5 due to Covid so no food or drinks are being sold. 

Except for Starbucks, luckily if not I would’ve had a meltdown. 

I was shocked and relieved that Jessa did NOT have any problems with accepting the fact that there was no popcorn. 

So we walked Target aisle per aisle and enJOYed our Fashionista Friyay!! 

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