Pictures went AMAZING yesterday!!

I’m not sure what we look like but I honestly don’t even care all I know is Jessa looked adorable.

It was a wonderful, sunny, a little windy 70 degree day. 

The weather was perfect and the vibe was just right!!

There were no meltdowns, no eloping, and no crying. 

Is this real life?! 

We did get a blister, rolled up sleeves, a bug bite, and a “all done with pictures” after the first shot but WE DID IT!! 

Mini sessions are where it’s at!! One 15-30 minute session with a walk through the park, it was a win for us, Jessa and photographer. 

Jessa LOVES water so I had mentally and physically (I changed from the uncomfortable, cute outfit and shoes to ones that I could sprint in, if needed) prepared myself to do a triathlon to keep Jess out of the water!! 

Jessa only asked twice “water please.” 

We were only 3 shots in so I immediately told myself “that’s it the shoot is over.”

Y’all she only put her hands in the water twice and then went about the shoot!!


It was unbelievable, Joel and I were so grateful and in the moment. We just took it all in and even got a couple shots of Jessa holding up Sissy’s Fat Head since she’s off to college. 

It’s very rare we get the WHOLE DAY to be that AWESOME and “normal”  but yesterday was just one for the books!!

We took the advantage and ran with it, we had a delicious brunch and got to visit our favorite distillery!! Treaty Oak Distillery is outside so Jessa had a blast running up and down the fields and bossing kids around on the playground. 

So just plan the photo shoot, don’t worry so much and HAVE FUN & FIND THE JOY 💕💙 Life’s too short not to!!

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